Radiant Vocal Yin

Of the Western styles of yoga, Yin postures are extremely well-suited to vocal release. Spoken Voice Coaching offers practical, hands-on methods to increase your vocal stamina, resonance, and impact. Radiant Vocal Yin (RVY) merges these two practices.  It dives into sound and vocal expression without controlled breath, singing, or chanting. It is a vocal exploration of what resonance is possible when the stories of the deep connective tissues become available to performers and professional voice users (PVUs).

If, as they say, our biologies become our biographies, the more awareness we have of those stories, the better equipped we are to access and move with this shimmering, alive and rich state of being as it changes from breath to breath.

RVY deeply and directly connects body, mind, and voice with immediate vocally radiant results. If you’re an actor, this will give you bigger access to your vocal heart. If you’re a business professional or PVU, it will give your ability to impress and persuade an immediate boost. If you’re interested in voice for personal growth, it will give you deep insights into your radiant self.