Yin Yoga

There are many kinds of yoga and each serves a different purpose. The goal of Yin yoga is to target the Yin aspects of your body and mind. Physically, Yin tissues are the deep connective tissues which include your ligaments, tendons, facia, bones, joints, blood, and lymph. When these tissues are lubricated, resilient, and flexible, your entire physical structure benefits from increased stability and groundedness. The Yin aspects of your mind include your emotions, your thoughts, and your response to the world around you. When these aspects of your inner life are given space to exist and are acknowledged, your inner life can become lighter, more fulfilling, richer, and more dynamic.

The postures or asanas are suitable for everyone, regardless of previous experience or flexibility. I will guide you into each posture, and then we will stay in the posture for a length of time, typically 1-5 minutes. The extra time spent in each asana allows Yin to work its magic on your Yin tissues, giving you deep relief. The extra time also gives you an opportunity to be present with your body and your thoughts. You will come out of the class feeling both relaxed and energized in an embodied and refreshing way.

And don’t worry — there are no balancing or upside down postures in Yin yoga. You will often be on the floor, supported by props such as bolsters and blocks, which I provide. We will work your whole body, but pay particular attention to your spine, hips, and pelvis. Each class is 75 minutes long, which includes savasana or relaxation time at the end.