Spoken Voice Coaching

I believe that a voice that is grounded and emotionally connected will support you in any endeavour, under any circumstance. With customized, one-on-one coaching you will:

  • Discover your vocal strengths and cultivate them
  • Do away with physical and emotional habits that hold your voice back
  • Transform nervous energy into usable energy to support your message
  • Learn practical explorations to connect you to your most radiant and expressive voice

We can work in person in my home studio in Leiden, the Netherlands and online via Skype or FaceTime from anywhere in the world.

I offer three coaching streams

Spoken Voice Coaching

for performance and everyday life

You’ve just come off stage or out of an everyday interaction. Your sense is that more was possible. Maybe you were pushing. Maybe there was even a bit of strain in your voice or your body or your thoughts. The result in either case was unsatisfying.

Your instinct is accurate: more is possible and strain is completely avoidable. This work gives you the technical information and personal support to use your full, emotionally connected and powerful radiant voice.

If you’re an actor, you will:

  • Feel more emotionally present with your scene partner
  • Identify vocal and physical habits that limit your ability to tell your character’s story
  • Acquire breath support and resonance to accommodate your role and the theatre you play in
  • Deepen your ability to dig deep into your state of being for film and television
  • Increase your vocal range to express your character’s wants and needs more effectively
  • Transform nervous energy into usable energy
  • Learn voice tools to help you do your actor work
  • Expand your actor toolkit with warm up tools that work for you

If you simply want to develop your spoken voice, you will:

  • Feel more comfortable and confident in everyday speaking situations
  • Acquire technical knowledge to keep your voice healthy and strong
  • Know you are being heard in loud environments without vocal strain
  • Increase your comfort in using pitch, tone, pace, and volume to fully express yourself
  • Harness your presence so you can be listened to, seen, and heard
  • Address vocal and physical issues that may block your radiant voice
  • Realize your potential as a communicator
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Accent Acquisition or Reduction

for Actors and Professional Voice Users (PVUs)

Actors: Do you need to learn an accent for a specific project? I can help. I specialize in all manner of North American accents: Canadian, Standard American, New York, California, Mid-West, Southern. As an accent specialist, name your desired accent and I will design it for you.

PVUs: If you have already learned English and want to refine or improve your accent, we can accomplish this together.

You’ll be able to communicate more clearly because you’ll:

  • Learn speech sounds specific to the accent you wish to acquire
  • Sense the rhythm, melody, and musicality of your desired accent
  • Increase the clarity and diction of your speech
  • Feel more confident and relaxed in English
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Presentation & Public Speaking

 for Professional Voice Users

The power of good vocal skills can never be underestimated. If you speak, present, teach or coach in your working life, you’re a Professional Voice User (PVU) and your voice matters. It helps you impress, persuade, and connect to your audience.

With Presentation & Public Speaking Coaching you will:

  • Be a stronger, more authoritative speaker
  • Feel more comfortable speaking in front of groups
  • Present your ideas smoothly and professionally
  • Avoid body language that undermines your message
  • Redirect nervous energy into a more effective presentation
  • Learn technical skills to avoid strain on your voice
  • Get a great deal more vocal stamina
  • Inspire and engage your audience
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