You can change your world

A spoken voice that is clear and authentic is undeniably compelling.
A body that is present and possesses inner strength is undeniably beautiful.
When you connect your enlivened body and your authentic voice, you can do more than make an impact. You can change your world.

Hi, I’m Lopa Sircar. I’m a professionally trained actor, voice & speech expert, and certified instructor of Hatha and Yin yoga. I offer proven, practical, hands-on tools and practice that will get you into your body, into your voice, and into a more resonant, more vibrant, more radiant you.

Whether you come for private one-on-one Spoken Voice Coaching or to my purposely small Yin yoga or Radiant Vocal Yin classes (maximum 4 participants per class!) you can expect a customised curriculum designed just for you and a high degree of personal attention. You can also expect to laugh, a little or a lot 🙂

Join me and let’s cultivate change —  one breath, one word, one posture at a time.

Spoken Voice Coaching

LEARN practical skills to connect you to your most radiant and expressive spoken voice


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Yin Yoga

CULTIVATE stillness in your thoughts and strengthen your ligaments, tendons, facia, bones, joints, blood, and lymph

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Radiant Vocal Yin

CONNECT your voice body, mind, and voice through this hybrid of proven spoken voice coaching and Yin yoga for immediate vocally radiant results

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What people are saying about Lopa Sircar

I was looking for a voice coach to help me improve projecting my voice, eliminate vocal fry and reduce my soft-spokeness. Lopa is well-organized, encouraging, and always prepared with exercises for me to work on building up skills between sessions. Every session was tailored to building up my voice and presentation skills. I learned a lot about how much my posture and breathing affect my voice. Soon, I began receiving many compliments at work, including on my performance review!

- Holly, Legal Librarian and Professional Voice User

The studio space is very comfortable. I found the class very relaxing and I loved the combination of Lopa explaining while we did the postures. Lopa gave us clear instructions of what to do, told us interesting additional information, and gave us good feedback. Before the class, I felt stressed. Afterwards, I felt much better, really relaxed and more comfortable in my body. I’ve already recommended her class to my friends!

- Femke, Yin yoga participant