Love the Leiden Anne & Max and want to try Yin yoga?

From now until 15 March, trade in your full Leiden Anne & Max coffee card for €5 off a Yin yoga class with me in my studio, which is a 5 minute walk from Anne & Max.

Why Yin?

Everyone needs a break and time to recharge. Yin yoga is a sublime way to revitalize not only your body, but your mind and heart as well. The postures are designed to target the deep connective tissues of your body, especially in your spine, hips, and pelvis and to provide you with a greater range of motion, more ease, and more energy in your movements and your thoughts.

Why Anne & Max?

Anne & Max was the first coffee bar I visited on my first trip to Leiden, more than 2 years ago. Coming from big bustling Toronto, Canada, I immediately fell in love with Leiden’s beauty and with the super friendly staff and gezellige atmosphere at Anne & Max — not to mention the delicious cafe macchiatos and kurkuma lattes! I’m so happy that Leiden is my full-time home now and Anne & Max is still my home away from home (away from home!)

Why me?

I am a Canadian-born actor, spoken voice expert, and a certified Hatha and Yin Yoga instructor. I bring 19 years of practicing yoga and 8 years of yoga teaching experience to the mat. I began with Ashtanga (yoga in its most rigorous and aerobic form) and added Hatha (less aerobic but also very powerful) and finally found my home in a regular Yin practice. More than any other form of yoga, Yin yoga gave me — and continues to give me — a deep sense of ease and capacity. I believe these are essential tools to survive and thrive in our fast-paced, high-intensity world. My hope is to create an environment where a regular Yin yoga practice can become a regular part of your life.

If you’re as big a fan of Anne & Max as I am and you want to try Yin yoga, fill up your coffee card, pick up your voucher, and book your class. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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