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I keep my Yin classes small on purpose — 4 people max per class means you get maximum personal attention and you get to feel close to the people around you.  If you’d like to make your Yin experience extra gezellige, bring up to three of your friends and I can create a class just for you and your crew. When your friends come to your class, they will also pay only €10 each! And if you come alone, you may just make a brand new friend  — or two, or three!

My studio is warm, cosy, and a 5 minute walk from Anne & Max in Leiden.


New to Yin or yoga? No problem.

Yin yoga postures, called asanas, are suitable for everyone, regardless of previous experience or flexibility. The postures are designed to help you relieve stress held deep in your connective tissues such as your ligaments, tendons, facia, bones, joints, blood, and lymph. The goal is to increase your range of motion by giving you more ease and vitality in your movements. We pay particular attention to your spine, hips, and pelvis and there are no balancing or upside-down postures. You will often be on the floor and supported by props which I provide. We stay in a posture for a length of time, typically 1-5 minutes. The extra time allows Yin to work its magic on your Yin tissues, giving you deep relief and a sense of expansion in your being. More time spent in each posture also gives you the opportunity to be present with your body and your thoughts. You will come out of the class feeling both relaxed and energized in an embodied and refreshing way. Each class is 75 minutes long, which includes savasana, or relaxation time, at the end.

My background in (yin) yoga

My name is Lopa Sircar and I’m a Canadian-born actor, spoken voice expert and a certified instructor in Hatha and Yin yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for 19 years and teaching for 8 years. I began with Ashtanga (yoga in its most rigourous and aerobic form) and added Hatha (less aerobic but also very powerful) and finally found my home in a regular Yin practice. More than any other form of yoga, Yin yoga gave me — and continues to give me — a deep sense of ease and capacity. I believe these are essential tools to survive and thrive in our fast-paced, high-intensity world. My hope is to create an environment where a regular Yin yoga practice can become a regular part of your life.

Ask me about Radiant Vocal Yin, my unique fusion of solid Spoken Voice training and Yin yoga postures.

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Each class is 75 minutes long and takes place Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday at the following times:

Morning – 8h | 10h
Afternoon – 13h | 15h
Evening – 19h30

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The class will take place if at least three people have signed up.

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